Vacuum-cleaner mouth dinosaur evolved into Dysonosaurus

You can read all about the dinosaur with a vacuum-cleaner mouth here here and here. But I’m breaking the story about how the Nigersaurus evolved into the Dysonosaurus (pictured below).


While the Nigersaurus had a

mouth is shaped like the wide intake slot of a vacuum.

The Dysonosaurus evolved a specialized esophagus with patented root cyclone technology. Unlike the Nigersaurus, the Dysonosaurus’ throat and mouth never lost suction.

In addition to this advanced sucking mechanism, the Dysonosaurus had an all-terrain mouth, allowing it to suck from hard surfaces as well as the shaggiest tundra.

It took scientists longer to discover the Dysonosaurus since it was considerably more expensive to excavate than the typical vacuum-cleaner mouthed dinosaur.

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