Snowpacalypse Now! [video]

It’s snowing!  In Portland!  The news stations have been having uninterrupted snowgasms for days.  I made this video outside my parent’s house with my sister, who is visiting from Chicago for the holidays.

I hate it every time they go to a bundled up reporter at the Triple Flying J Truckstop in Troutdale.  What annoys you about local snow coverage?

But seriously, if you don’t have chains, stay off the roads.

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  1. With Dish TV having just dropped the local ABC news feed, maybe you can make a deal with them as a weather bureau chief 🙂

    Hilarious piece!!

  2. @Dave: I couldn’t find my video camera when I left this morning. I ended up bailing on my bike twice (once by OMSI, once in front of Pioneer Place and the Max line). If any video surfaces, I will post it…

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