Laurels are up on new movie site

I’ve been ignoring this site to pay a little attention to  I added the two film festival “laurels” we’ve received so far.  I’m still hoping we can add a few more, especially if we can get into a few Oregon festivals later this fall.

I always assumed that a film festival would somehow provide you with a high-resolution image of their official laurel.  Maybe there’d be a ceremony involving togas and white doves.  But apparently, you just download them from a random site and Photoshop the name in.  This gave me an idea for a new game…

Create your own film festival laurel by taking your pet’s name and the city you were born in:

Parker (my cat) + Freeport (the town I was born in) = Parker Freeport Film Festival

My Fake Film Festival Name

It looks just as good as a real one.  And the Parker Freeport Film Festival takes place in my living room, in front of my cat.

Of course, you could make a film festival laurel with just about any name.  And if you do, please post a link in the comments…

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