Washougal has a Film Festival?

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The Washougal International Film Festival would be worth the 40 minute drive from Portland (okay, maybe longer during commute hours) even if my movie The Waiting List wasn’t playing there on Thursday at 7pm.  But in the interest of shameless self-promotion, let me urge you to make the short trip to see a movie shot in Portland, with great Portland actors, and featuring a Portland icon: Voodoo Doughnuts.  Voodoo was kind enough to let us film in their Voodoo II location last summer.  This is the closest screening to Portland we’ve had so far, and to celebrate they’ve donated a few dozen for the first 50 (or so) people who arrive for the screening of The Waiting List.

To clarify, all you have to do is show up to WIFF Thursday, 8/13/09 a little before 7pm and you’ll get:

1. Free movie (and you’re supporting local, independent filmmaking–not to mention being one of the first people in the Portland area to see The Waiting List).  And you can rub elbows with the director (um, okay, me) and some of the actors (like Audrey Walker and Amanda Englund) who will be doing Q&A after.

2. Free Voodoo Doughnut (and you’re supporting your body’s need to creatively ingest sugary goodness).

You can watch the trailer at TheWaitingListMovie.com or on the YouTubes.  It’s been called “The Breakfast Club meets Clerks with parental angst by Kevin Smith’s own Quickstop Entertainment.  It does tend to divide an audience, so if you’re not up for a movie that honestly portrays the dilemmas and frustrations of parenting with lots of crude, raunchy language (including a vivid description of what it actually means when couples say they’re trying to get pregnant) then by all means, stay home.  When we screened this movie at the Phoenix Film Festival in April, we played to packed audiences and an extra “Festival Choice” screening was added.  

So, if you can come, please do.  If you can’t, please let every parent or movie-lover in the Portland area know about this free movie/doughnut opportunity… (when?) Thursday 8/13/09 @ 7pm.

Driving Directions to the Washougal International Film Festival are here.
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See you there!

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