Biking in the snow over the Hawthorne bridge – VIDEO

All the other bicyclists I passed (and was passed by) seemed to be having fun enjoying the snow.  Not so sure the people stuck in cars felt the same way.  Yes, I’m being totally smug.

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Mike Vogel

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5 thoughts on “Biking in the snow over the Hawthorne bridge – VIDEO”

  1. I thought you were using a Flip helmet attachment but then the self portrait. It’s actually a more interesting shot with you in it…

    1. This was one of those days I didn’t have my Flip but really wish I had it on me. If I had fallen while trying to film with my Blackberry, it might have added a nice conclusion to the video.

  2. Wonderful~ thanks for sharing. I was one of the idiots stuck in a car out in Tigard. 3 hours later I made it the 2 miles home. I wish I had been on my bike.


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