The Waiting List is now on DVD!

At long last (at least it seems like that to me) The Waiting List is finally available on DVD!  We semi-officially announced the DVD release at our Portland premiere last Thursday.  I’m working on a long-ish blog post about the screening because it was really fun and because I have a lot to say about it.  But people have been asking where they can get a copy, to which I can now answer: on IndieFlix.

For those of you either hit hard by the craptastic economy or who are hesitant to drop $10 on a movie you’ve never seen by a director you’ve never heard of, I do have a plan to livestream the entire movie in March for free on Ustream or some site like that.  And eventually I hope to have it available in other ways besides fragile physical discs that are dying off as a medium.

But until then, please go buy a copy of The Waiting List for yourself.  Or buy one as a baby shower gift for that first time parent.  Or that stay-at-home dad.  That working mom.  That couple trying to get their kid into preschool.  This movie was made for parents and now I hope it will be seen by parents.

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