Dave Knows… me

Last week I was interviewed by Heather (aka mile73.com) on Dave Knows.  This made me totally giddy but I was too busy getting ready for the Ustream live webcast chat event thing for The Waiting List that I didn’t have time to blog about it.  If you live in Portland, you probably read Dave Knows or have seen the bus ads that mile73 got him for the holidays.  And if you don’t regularly check out his site, you’ve hopefully just bookmarked it or added it to iGoogle or however you organize the flow of information into your brain.

Dave also posted details about the live Ustream, which was then picked up by the Oregonian’s movie critic, Shawn Levy.  So that was cool.

It was fun to be interviewed and I’m honored, so take a moment to read about microbudget filmmaking, waterboarding my kids, raving about snow storms and my fish naming skills.

Interview with Heather on Dave Knows.

Oh, you can follow @mile73 and @DaveKnowsPDX on Twitter too!

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