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Doug Zanger interviewed me on The Life Portlandic, one of the shows I listen to on (not to mention  We talked about writing, filmmaking, unicorns, children’s mutant germs… but also about a book I self-published five years ago called Isn’t That Bigamy?

Since I’m always trying to move forward with a new creative project, I tend to quickly forget things I’ve done in the past.  Isn’t That Bigamy? is a fun crime novel in the vein of Elmore Leonard and I wanted to be able to share it with new friends who have never heard of it.  So, for all you listeners of The Life Portlandic, I’m giving you a free e-book download of Isn’t That Bigamy?  This is the same version I sent to Amazon for the Kindle and it will be available for one week.

Here are your options: Free e-book version (PDF)Buy the Kindle versionBuy the book version made of paper

Some of the other sites and people I talked about in the interview are:

Dave Knows Portland |  ZehnKatzen Times (photos of the unicorn mounted patrol)  |  Audrey Walker | The Portland is Built on an Ancient Unicorn Burial Ground Facebook fan page

Part 1 of my interview on The Life Portlandic

Part 2 of my interview on The Life Portlandic

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