Using Ustream to promote your microbudget indie movie (Part 2)

Mark your calendars!  April 20th, 2010 is the day I’m going to be livestreaming my entire first movie, The Waiting List, on Ustream.  It’s already available on DVD, but to be honest, I don’t think I’ve purchased more than five DVDs in my life and I most likely will never purchase another.  I watch movies in theaters and on computers.  The Waiting List was shown in theaters while playing at festivals like the Phoenix Film Festival and during a local screening here in Portland.  But there aren’t currently any options for watching it online (ahem, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes–I’m working on it!).

Being a nanobudget filmmaker means you never have to ask permission.  So if I want to put my movie on Ustream for free and invite everyone in the entire world (I don’t have everyone’s email address yet) then I can do it.  And because I made The Waiting List to be enjoyed by as many people–especially parents–as possible, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

It’s going to be fun.  You can chat with me during the movie (the text kind of chat so we won’t get shushed).  And I’m hoping to get some of the cast members to join in as well.  I’ve got some outtakes that have never been seen before–and aren’t even on the DVD–that will be shown after the movie.

So, again, April 20th (Tuesday). First show at 7:30pm PDT followed by another at approximately 9:00 PDT.  You will go here:

Here’s the Facebook invite and the Google Calendar invite.

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  1. have you tired getting in youtube’s new movie rental services? I would love to know how hard it is to get into their little rental world.

    1. I just applied for their rental service, which I don’t think is open to everyone yet. I’m not sure what their criteria is for approving. I think there’s a ton of potential, but I’m not sure if people will pay for indie movies unless it’s part of a subscription (like Netflix Watch Instantly).

  2. Yeah I feel you. however, they do offer ad supported films. which in large volumes could be a good thing. For what ever reason it seems easier to get people to watch ones content if its on youtube. not sure if people will want to watch movies on youtube.

    however, I like the idea of it.

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