My Day in Favicons

Two years ago, I did a Brand Timeline Portrait that looked at all of the logos I came into physical contact with in a day.  I decided to update it by looking at all of the Favicons that enter my History in a day.  Favicons are those tiny images that show up in a browser address bar.  Keep in mind this doesn’t include online activities that take place outside of a browser, like TweetDeck and iTunes.  This is also only the web history from a single laptop I use even though I tend to use about four different computers a day.  I listen to Pandora, but it’s on an iMac in my living room.  I use Brizzly to check Twitter, but only when I’m not on my laptop with TweetDeck.  These are the favicons of the sites I visited on Tuesday.  Scroll past the image for commentary…. (or click to make the image bigger).

Click to Embiggen - Mike Vogel - My Day in Favicons

It’s interesting that I start and end my day in Gmail, but in actuality, I start and end in TweetDeck.

I’m not a big Facebook user.  I check it twice a day at most.  However, I am interested in things like Facebook’s privacy changes, which is why I was reading two stories in the NY Times.

My wife is going on a quick trip, which explains the Alaska Airlines.  I was checking her flight info to see which TriMet public transportation schedules would work to get her to the airport.

One of my favorite Portland blogs Dave Knows Portland posted a story about the Rose Festival.  Which reminded me that I need more milk cartons to make a raft for the Rose Festival Milk Carton Boat Race.

I also followed a link to PDX Pipeline about Free Play at Ground Kontrol.  Because I love old school arcade games.  And drinking.

I usually only go to Twitter to look up new followers from my Gmail notifications.  But I did look up @BrunchBox because they were having a lunch special, which I took a Twitpic of.

I looked at Netflix to see if the previous season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was available because I saw an ad for the new season.  It’s not.

I went to Craigslist because of a tweet about a film that has a similar title to a friend’s movie, Meet Jane Doe.  Meet Jane Fed doesn’t have the same ring and I’m not sure a movie about a Census worker will be quite as timely in a year or two.  Jane Doe has nothing to worry about.

I catch up on blogs at night usually and stopped off at Mile73 to read about food and why I should never eat it.  A link in her comments went to a KATU 2 story that I’d read earlier in the day about a bagged salad recall.  Personally, I’d like to recall the phrase “bagged salad.”  It sounds like something you’re afraid to look up on Urban Dictionary.

A friend’s movie was mentioned in a Vermont Blogspot and I only went to the site because he mentioned he’d been arrested in that town before. You should see the movie, which is called Shooting Beauty.

If you add a + after a URL, you get stats about who’s tweeted the link and how many times it’s been shared, etc.  That’s why I went there twice.

I watched a lot of Hulu because I’m catching up on the last season of LOST with my wife.  I also wanted to make sure I was caught up on 30 Rock episodes before they expired.  I am caught up.

My YouTube consumption included some footage from another upcoming Portland movie James Vs. Reality, a Tom and Jerry cartoon I’m fascinated with and a PJ Harvey video because it’s a video of PJ Harvey.

I went to Wikipedia to let @sabrina_pdx know she could turn orange if she ate too many carrots.  It happened to my wife.

I don’t actually use Foursquare.  I’ve only checked into one place (a place I’ve never actually been) in order to de-throne the current Mayor because she admitted to cheating.  Take that @kristenbowie (whom I’ve never met)!  (The internet is weird.)

Okay, finally, I went to the Grilled Cheese Grill to send the link to someone on Facebook who was excited about a grilled cheese place opening up in San Francisco.  We already have like a bazillion grilled cheese carts in Portland and I felt the need to point that out as smugly as possible.

Why would I collect a bunch of favicons?  A web browser’s History can show where you’ve been, but it doesn’t show intent or underlying reasons.  I think it’s interesting to see how those tiny images tell a story.  I’m sure there are better ways little icons could tell the story of your day, but this was the one that came to my mind.  I wonder how these icons will change in a few years.

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  1. Are you going to do the Milk Carton Boat race? Please? Pleeeeease? Dave and I would help you build it! We’ll even give you a push. From the shore.

    Anyway, we will certainly be attending. It’s goddamned wholesome.

    1. We’re hoping for a family raft but we may not have enough cartons. I need to hit up local cafes for empty milk cartons. You can totally help build it. Bring duct tape?

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