My first movie is on Ustream, whenever you need it

So I’ve been doing a little experiment to see how I could use Ustream to get more people to watch my first movie The Waiting List.  We had a live event where people chatted live with myself and almost all of the cast.  It was truly lots of fun.  But some people couldn’t attend because there was a playoff game or a New Episode of their Favorite TV Show.  It drove home how much we’re all used to having things we want when we want them.  And watching an indie movie you’ve never heard of is pretty low on the “must do immediately” list.  The morning after the Ustream event, I was tempted to put the movie on YouTube.  But YouTube only allows 10 minute segments and right now I don’t want to chop it up into 10 minute segments.  Recording a live Ustream and making it available on-demand isn’t the highest quality route to go, but it will get the job done.

In honor of this new live stream, I completely ripped off Godard’s Socialisme trailer and made a trailer that shows the entire movie in under 1 minute.  So if you’re really unsure about if you want to see The Waiting List, you only need 59 seconds to see the whole thing.  (Also, movies-in-a-minute will be the next big meme in 3… 2… 1…)

Watch “The Waiting List” now…

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