Summertime at Oaks Park

The whole family and a few neighbors headed to Oaks Park on Saturday night.  It’s only a short bike ride from our house and we can sometimes sit on our porch and hear the screams of people on the bigger, crazier rides in the distance.  There’s a lot to love about Oaks Park–fun house mirrors really are fun, ferris wheels are scary when they stop, the ride views of the Willamette and downtown are unique and awesome, and ride attendants really do look completely stoned.  And if you’re lucky enough/brave enough to go on the “grown-up” rides, I’m sure that’s a whole new level of fun/danger.

I swear I’m not trying to compete with Dave Knows, but you can go to the Oaks Park website to find discounts, or check the Oregonian’s A&E, which had the coupon we used where we got as many people in as possible for $7 each.

And yes, I hate ferris wheels, but going on the ferris wheel at sunset is a pretty awesome experience.

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