Twitpic Highlights: Week of June 20th 2010

Sometimes the idea that I don’t actually own any of the content I put on third party sites like YouTube, Twitter, TwitPic, Facebook, etc, drives me crazy.  And since there’s a seriously lack of ways to send pictures from your phone to WordPress (COME ON! REALLY? NONE?) I’ve decided to occasionally post some TwitPic highlights on my blog.  And I won’t always explain it like I’m doing now. Oh, and I already posted a bunch from my trip to Oaks Park.

This was my most popular TwitPic ever. I think. Too lazy to research it. If you don't use Twitter, the -1 might not make sense.
It's was Audrey Walker's birthday, or @audreywalker to you, and I happened to be editing a scene she's in. So I kind of got to spend some time with her on her birthday.
On Thursday night, I asked Twitter if I should have a beer while editing and the consensus from @devlynpdx @colewagoner @CKCofer and @MyWetSpot was that I should. So I did.
More editing on Friday night for a scene that was a lot of fun to shoot and even more fun to edit. @lindsaeklein is a really good actor. So is Bryce, but he's not on Twitter.
They opened a Bishops aka @bishopsbs in my neighborhood so naturally I wanted to be the very first person to get a haircut there. Throw in the fact that they also sent me a postcard for a free haircut, and I was there! I was first in the door, first to sign up, not the first in a chair (someone else had similar plans) and first to have a completed haircut. Also, I'm a total dork. Please notice that they have a unicorn skull painting.

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