Someday soon, this view won't exist

I was eating lunch in Director Park, enjoying the view, when I realized the view wouldn’t be there soon once they build the tallest tower in Portland in that very spot.

Change happens. Take lots of photos.

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  1. *If* that tower ever gets built… makes me sad that we now have our very own “Boise Hole” in the middle of downtown. The last news I heard of that building was that they were going to pick up construction in “early spring”. It hasn’t been worked on in nearly 9 months… šŸ™

    1. Thanks Devlyn, I was wondering what was going on with the actual building of that tower. There’s a giant crane parked there but I haven’t seen it ever move. I swear there’s a sign that says the tower is 80% leased too. Hmmm…..

  2. Hello, Mike! It’s been awhile… I work on the 22nd floor of the Fox Tower with a prime view of ‘the hole.’ If that building is ever completed it will block the view up here too. Hope life is treating you well – weird that you were right downstairs.

    1. Jennifer!!! Good to hear from you. That’s a long way up to have your view blocked. Maybe they’ll turn the hole into a swimming pool/ice skating rink instead?

      (Cool design site btw.)

  3. Thanks! I need to check out your movie one of these days. As for the hole, I do hope they do something, not pretty to look at at all. It was kind of fun to watch them put the crane in though. Perhaps it could be another park block… Let me know next time you’re in Director Park.

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