Crazy shoot (with photos)

“They’re not filming a real furries orgy.” This was something the guy who agreed to let us use his house to film an animal-themed orgy said to his girlfriend, who apparently had spent the past week processing the fact that her boyfriend agreed to have an actual porno filmed in his house. The picture of Sarah stabbing Rick is not in the movie, but it might be pulled directly from her subconscious (or his nightmares).

Portland has to be one of the few places where you can announce that you need extras to volunteer for a fake animal-themed orgy and get a roomful of people.  (Thanks to people who blogged, RT’ed or posted it to Facebook.)  The trick was getting it to look more like an orgy and less like a Halloween party.  We needed people to, well, ahem, act.  These two wolves got things rolling (all of these photos were taken between takes).            

Once the wolves broke the ice (I can’t really explain how, but you’ll know if you ever see the movie), everyone got silly and just decided to have fun with it.  It helped that there was a keg in the backyard. This scene was the only time I’ve ever been on set where people applauded each other after we did close-ups. People were being silly, being brave, having fun.

The one happy/sad moment was that it was a picture wrap for Meredith, who has been very patient over the past year as we’ve shot her scenes.  She does amazing in “Did You Kiss Anyone?” and I was happy her last day on set was basically a party.

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