"Did You Kiss Anyone?" is done. Thank you everyone ever!

We started filming “Did You Kiss Anyone?” in October 2009, the same day we won this for The Waiting List. I was hoping to be done by Christmas. Instead, it’s been 13 months of scheduling, re-scheduling, asking for favors, trying to get locations to let us film there during off-hours, re-scheduling, re-writing, editing, wrangling extras on Twitter, buying props and food, re-scheduling… I hope this doesn’t sound like complaining, because I’ve loved all of it, even if it made me a little exhausted at times. But we finished!

I’m amazed at the number of people in Portland willing to help a total stranger make a movie.  I’m lucky to have had so many people volunteer their talent, time, equipment, bar, hotel, home, taxi, the list goes on…  You can only make a no-budget movie that has lots of actors and lots of locations if you have friends–even if you don’t have those friends yet. I’m happy to have made a lot of friends this past year.

The teaser trailer for “Did You Kiss Anyone?” is up on our Facebook page and we have an IMDb page (still in progress). Thank you to everyone who made making this movie possible!

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