Fun ways to shave a Novembeard

Novembeard is the stupidest thing ever. I hate beards. But I had fun shaving off my beard in stages. Here they are, for your amusement/ridicule.

I'm totally in a band
Nicely Trimmed Beard
Showing a little cheek
That Guy
The Edge from U2?
Bro, I just need enough money for the bus home
I'm an artist and you're not
Jammin' to some yacht rock!
Don't make fun of this one
Gross hairy sink

6 Replies to “Fun ways to shave a Novembeard”

  1. nice work dude. Jules and I laughed our butts off on our new couch. you should come sit on it sometime. and you could bring the extra hair and sell it to the Rastas for extensions.

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