Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on Google Street View?

I lived in Palo Alto a few years ago and at the end of a street filled with stores, coffee shops, and an awesome movie theater was a little door that said “Facebook.” One day, I walked by with my wife and said “They just turned down a deal from Yahoo for a billion dollars.”

Today some co-workers were talking about sad looking business entrances and I went to pull up Facebook’s old headquarters. I was kind of shocked to see someone who looks like Mark Zuckerberg standing outside. He’s blurry, but the height, hair color, general posture all seem there.

In case you think this is an early April Fools’ joke, here’s the link to the Google Maps Street View of Mark Zuckerberg outside the old Facebook headquarters.
And the embedded version:

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If Mark Zuckerberg does move to Portland, I now have something to ask him.

Update: This is the awesomest thing ever. I asked Robert Scoble about this on Twitter and he replied: “I’m pretty sure that is Zuckerberg!” and “I regularly saw Zuck hanging out in front. In the new building he does managemnt mtngs outside.

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