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I’m getting ready to show my second feature Did You Kiss Anyone? at the Bagdad Theater on Feb. 7th. I tried to raise money for it over the summer of 2009 by doing a crowdfunding webseries called Did You Cast Anyone. I love Wainy Days and Curb Your Enthusiasm, so I wanted it to be like those, only less funny and without famous celebrities.

We only took a few hours to film each episode. It shows sometimes but that’s also what I like about them. The episode with Bryce was entirely improvised a few minutes after we met up to shoot it. Every single actor did an amazing job with improv. Working with funny actors who can improv is the best.
I’d love to say the crowdfunding webseries was a massive success. But this was 2009 and Kickstarter was still in private beta and you had to explain to people what crowdfunding even meant. We raised a little bit of money, all of it from people I know, and it ended up being about half of what the movie cost, which is about one-tenth of the minimum budget it should have cost. I understand crowdfunding is the future and it’s revolutionary and all that crap you read on blogs, but it also sucks. It should be called crowdbegging. That’s what it feels like.

I’m rambling. Here are all the episodes of Did You Cast Anyone? If you’re in Portland, come to the Bagdad on Feb 7th and see these actors in completely different roles. I’m also going to be showing a Lost Episode (not an episode of Lost, but an episode that was never released for a variety of reasons).

Please take the next half hour of your life and enjoy….

Did You Cast Anyone?

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