Introducing… The Carolyn Show!

I’ve been working with the very funny Portland cartoonist Carolyn Main on what I’d guess you’d call a web series. I like to think of it more as an infrequently updated online comedy variety show with cartoons and talking animals. Okay, web series it is.

Like most people I know these days, I met Carolyn on Twitter and we soon started sending ideas back and forth for little webisodes. We’ve only filmed a few but have many MANY more ideas lined up. To celebrate the launch of The Carolyn Show, there will be a little bash in Portland on Friday (May 18th) at 8pm at Cosmic Monkey Comics. You should totally go. Here’s a little idea of what you can expect from The Carolyn Show……

Introducing… The Carolyn Show!

A Leprechaun Tries to Get Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

Right Hook

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