I started another blog… This Is Transmedia

This Is Transmedia

I decided to start a new blog dedicated to transmedia. While working on Phrenic, I realized that there aren’t a lot of sites covering transmedia projects. My goal is to write about transmedia the way tech blogs cover startups or the way movie blogs cover new releases. I’ve got a few interviews lined up with transmedia producers as well as some other ideas in the mix. It was a lot of work in December, but I’m excited because I think transmedia is going to get big this year.

The first post is off to a good start and hopefully sets the tone. If you’re not really sure what I’m even talking about right now, I’m going to have a video explaining it soon. If transmedia is interesting or intriguing to you, head over to the site and follow it on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’ve got a transmedia project (or are working on one) let me know on the Submit page.

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