Phrenic now has an alternate reality game that starts with interactive video


I’m always looking for ways to get people interacting more deeply in the story of Phrenic. Sometimes that means allowing people to create their own content (like in Go Clone Yourself) or letting them make decisions about where the story goes in a Tweet Your Own Adventure game.

The latest way to get wrapped up in Phrenic is the Life Identical Genetic Enhancement Screening test. It’s an alternate reality game that begins with an interactive video. Zoe, a Genetic Enhancement Advisor, asks you questions in a “live web conference.” You can answer yes to all of her questions but it’s more fun if you express a little reservation or doubt. (There is also a standard sign-up form if you want to skip the interactive video.)

Fill out a quick contact form and Zoe will immediately send you a brochure about genetic enhancements, followed by secret emails about what’s really going on with the genetic enhancement testing. She might ask you questions or send videos, photos, or artifacts like sketches of cloning storage pods.

This interactive story is designed to have more episodes and artifacts added over time. Zoe’s emails and tweets represent a new chapter in the story and also fills in another piece of “Play” in Phrenic’s tagline “a thriller you watch, read, and play.” Zoe’s storyline ties into other storylines so when Phrenic’s Clone Assassin comic project comes out in a few weeks, you’ll see the same events from the perspective of Zoe, a customer service agent spying on Life Identical.

Go get screened by Zoe or connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

And if you want updates Phrenic, sign up here. The Clone Assassin stuff is going to be awesome.

(If you’re interesting in this sort of thing, I created the interactive video with Adventr and all of the immersive interactions are done using Conducttr.)

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  1. This is very, very cool. I’ve had this tab open for a week and only just today got around to the Get Screened link. I’ve only spent 2 minutes on it but love it. All kinds of possibilities with this

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