Help me make the Clone Assassin interactive comic & alternate reality game

If you’ve ever wanted to see me get tasered/stabbed, today is your lucky day! Today I launched a Kickstarter with the help of some really talented people. I’ve hesitated to do crowdfunding for anything related to Phrenic because nothing we’ve done so far has required it and it takes considerable effort to get a good campaign running.

This comic idea all started when Phrenic actor Steve Mattsson was interviewed on Foes of Reality and talked about his former writing duties for DC, Marvel, and cult favorite Boris the Bear. We discussed doing a comic with his friend, Paul Gulacy, a legendary artist for DC/Marvel who is also credited for drawing one of the very first graphic novels.

I loved the idea but didn’t feel like we had a compelling enough idea to crowdfund. Just adding a comic to Phrenic would simply feel like ticking off the “Comic book” box in a transmedia checklist. We came at it from new angles, like having it be the prequel to a clone assassin video we filmed–which was a step in the right direction but still not enough.

Finally, we came up with the idea that would allow readers to interact directly with the clone assassin based on clues from the comic. The way it works is a reader might see a text message drawn into the comic, which the reader could send a message to in order to begin a conversation with Anya, bringing them deeper into the story. Other interactions may unlock comic panels only available to readers who interact.


Judging from the deeply engaged people playing our Zoe Trapp alternate reality game, I felt like this type of interactive experience would be worth the effort. Even if we fail, it will have been worth the effort.

But I’d really like to NOT fail. I think this is a very cool idea and we’ll be beating much larger players to the game with it. I set up a live example of how the alternate reality game can be played. Send “I need your services” to the Clone Assassin’s by text message to 971-717-2850 or to her Twitter handle @ikillclones.

Be part of comic book history and help us make this happen!

(Update: we did not make this happen, but you haven’t heard the last from the clone assassin!)

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