Buy "The Waiting List" on DVD

At long last (at least it seems like that to me) The Waiting List is finally available on DVD! People have been asking where they can get a copy, to which I can now answer: on IndieFlix.

For those of you either hit hard by the craptastic economy or who are hesitant to drop $10 on a movie you’ve never seen by a director you’ve never heard of, I do have a plan to livestream the entire movie soon for free on Ustream or some site like that. And eventually I hope to have it available in other ways besides fragile physical discs that are dying off as a medium.

But until then, please go buy a copy of The Waiting List for yourself. Or buy one as a baby shower gift for that first time parent. Or that stay-at-home dad. That working mom. That couple trying to get their kid into preschool. This movie was made for parents and now I hope it will be seen by parents.