#TWLPDX is the official hashtag of The Waiting List in Portland


The Waiting List is coming to the Hollywood Theatre on Thursday at 7pm.  In an effort to consolidate all the tweets, I’ve created the hashtag #TWLPDX.  If you don’t know what a hashtag is, you probably don’t use twitter, in which case you can disregard everything I’m saying.  But if you’re going to be in the audience, possibly taking a photo of the free ad you sent in, or possibly taking a photo of me drunk at a bar after the screening, be sure to add the #TWLPDX hashtag to make it easy to see all the tweets from that night, especially from people I don’t know.

Hitler just found out "The Waiting List" only plays one night in PDX

The Portland screening of my first movie “The Waiting List” is a little more than a week away.  We’ve got lots planned, like promoting other people’s creative ventures, and doing a raffle after the Q&A.  But I realized that some people in town don’t realize this is a one night event. So how do I let people know that the only time they can see “The Waiting List” in a PDX theater is on February 18th, 2010 at 7pm?  Perhaps I should start by letting Hitler know.  Yes, that Hitler.