The Waiting List (Interactive Screenplay)

Aspiring filmmaker? The Waiting List was shot primarily in one location with a limited number of actors on a nanobudget. The interactive screenplay allows you to read a PDF of the script and click on the highlighted scene headers, which will bring you to that point in the movie on YouTube. Plus, the YouTube video is annotated with the director’s commentary, so you’ll get additional insight into the moviemaking process. A fun script-to-screen experience!

Did You Kiss Anyone? (Download Movie)

A comedy about marriage, sex, and shi**ing with the door open.

Jared is a comic book artist who can’t find a job and spends his days fantasizing about quirky women. Emily is a small-time cooking show host on the verge of her big break. Their marriage is tested after Emily interrupts a romantic moment by leaving the bathroom door open, then later finds Jared’s pornographic drawings of himself with other women. They give each other one night to sleep around in weird, libertine Portland. Their parallel sex-quests get ridiculous and increasingly bizarre as they meet eccentric characters and find themselves in uncomfortably awkward situations.