Interactive Narrative Design Portfolio

My passion is using emerging technology to tell immersive stories in a brand new way.

Zoe Trapp: Genetic Enhancement Advisor
Interactive video + playable story + alternate reality game

Zoe Trapp is an interactive thriller involving a genetic enhancement advisor who doubles as a corporate spy hoping to expose secret experiments performed by her employer, Life Identical. This immersive experience uses personalization, email, text messages, social networks, video, images, badges, puzzle solving, and real phone calls.

The interactive script was originally written in Inklewriter and the Adventr platform was chosen to deliver the interactive video.

The experience evolved into a more detailed story with badges, puzzles, and media.

Zoe Trapp is listed as a Conducttr Success Story!

The Doll
Choose Your Own Adventure

A creepy doll in an antiques shop is more than it seems. The Doll is a science fiction horror story written in Inklewriter, with over 30 endings and a million decisions (it seemed like I wrote a million, at least).

I later adapted the story using Conducttr to make a Tweet Your Own Adventure. You can find Storified versions from a few Twitter users who came to an end.

Clone Assassin
Comic + Alternate Reality Game

I worked with a Marvel/DC comic artist to prototype an interactive comic that allowed a reader to interact with characters using live email, SMS, and Twitter accounts. The Kickstarter failed but I still think this is a cool idea.

Phrenic iOS app
A Thriller You Watch, Read, and Play

A now defunct iOS app that combined video, fiction, and games. I wanted to create a unique storytelling experience for mobile.

The LIAMS Problem
Short Story + Plotagon video

The first half of this was a science fiction short story, the second half a Plotagon video.


Words That Change Each Time You Read Them

Here is an example from an interactive Inklewriter story where I use variable text. The sections in brackets are shuffled each time the reader comes to the section. Variable text is used throughout The Doll.

You {~stare at|gawk at|suspiciously eye} the doll in a {~musty|gloomy|dank} corner of an antiques store. The doll’s yellowish, off-kilter eyes {~stare back|haunt you|frighten you|intrigue you|feel evil|seem almost real|are extremely disconcerting}. You touch the doll’s porcelain hand, cold as a corpse. You pick the doll up and a {~chill|panic|sense of foreboding|dread} shoots through your body as the doll says “{~Take me home|Bring me with you|I’m your friend|I want to keep you safe|You must do everything I say|Don’t be afraid of me}.” You {~feel a telepathic voice tell|hear a ghostly voice tell|get a gut feeling telling} you to put the doll back and {~escape as quickly as possible|run far away|leave immediately}.

Interactive Storytelling Platforms

I am pretty fearless when it comes to trying out interactive storytelling platforms. Here are just a few…

Conducttr – Inklewriter – Chatfuel – Plotagon – Adventr – Interlude

Traditional fiction looks like paragraphs in Word.

Interactive fiction looks like the screenshots below…

Conferences and Podcasts

I have been interviewed by podcasts and asked to speak at conferences about these projects. Phrenic has been taught in universities in four countries on three continents. I’ve also organized transmedia events to highlight both indie and commercial creators of immersive storytelling.