Your Thing, Promoted

Below is a list of all of the slides people sent me to be shown on screen prior to showing my movie The Waiting List at the Hollywood Theatre.  The original post about submitting “your thing” is here.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a slide and made it a fun way to wait for my movie to start.

James vs Reality


Filmed By Bike Festival

Dave Knows Portland

My Wet Spot


Cole Wagoner on Twitter


HHknits – Be Seen

Criminal Minima

The Hollywood Theatre on Foursquare

Help! A Bear is Eating Me!


Improvising Fatherhood

Les Chaines Musculaires

The Last Stand

Lucky Dog Records

Meet Jane Doe

Facebook Pages for TWL and DYKA

One Foot in the Gutter

Pets Are Talking

Planning to Fail

Portland Poutine

Rampaging… etc

Twitter for Front Ave peeps

Thistillium Pottery


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