September 30, 2000 Edition
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Adventures With Mike By Greg

   Mike and I had an interesting summer. When we first began plotting our voyage, Mike's pesky "job" was the only obstacle between us and freedom. But, fortunately for us, Mike's generous "Cafeteria Style" benefits include paid sick days in San Diego. Lucky for us, Mike found a pamphlet(in a rest stop bathroom) for a bar/mini golf course in the San Diego area. It sounded good to two guys whose only criteria for entertainment is that Pabst be on tap. The place wasn't bad. The Pabst flowed like water, and I ended up 55 strokes over par on the mini golf course. Mike managed to lose 3 balls, then decided the windmill on 11 was the "Dark Troll". He was restrained and we adjourned to a dark corner of the bar, per request of the management. After a few more rounds we discovered that the bar had an upper floor with a deck. We spent 15 minutes climbing the single flight of stairs. The top is where this picture was taken. I don't know why the Olsens were there. I don't understand what happened. All I know is that Mike lost - I mean misplaced - the car.

   Photo Courtesy of Greg Cook

© Mike Vogel, 2000