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What does it mean to be human in a world of cloning, memory implants, and artificial intelligence? My transmedia thriller Phrenic takes place in the near future where illegal genetic engineering is being secretly enhanced with nanotechnology, making it nearly impossible to know who (or what) is real. I’m building out an entire Phrenic universe with characters and shared storylines that crossover in videos, fiction, comics, and games. A character named Zoe Trapp will communicate directly with you as you try to expose illegal cloning at Life Identical. This is an on-going project, take a few minutes to explore!


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The Waiting List

The Waiting List (Feature Film)

My first feature film “The Waiting List” is a foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed, back-stabbing comedy about preschool enrollment. It’s based on an experience I had waiting overnight to get my daughter into a preschool. It played at a bunch of festivals and we did some cool things that got written about in PBS Media Shift and on Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film.

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Did You Kiss Anyone?

Did You Kiss Anyone? (Feature Film)

My second feature film “Did You Kiss Anyone?” is a comedy about marriage, sex, and shi**ing with the door open. I wanted to make a movie about marriage that felt more like a romantic comedy. Since my first film was shot almost entirely in a school with a small cast, I wanted to make a movie with lots of locations and lots of actors. We screened it at the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon to a packed theater and listening to the audience reaction from the lobby is one of my happiest moments as a filmmaker.

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Isn’t That Bigamy?

Isn't That Bigamy

Before I made movies, I wrote a crime-comedy novel called “Isn’t That Bigamy?” It won an award and most people who read it say they’re surprised that they actually enjoyed it (which is a compliment, I think?).

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Bike Movies

Bike Movies

I’ve also made a bunch of bike movies, mostly intended for the awesome Filmed By Bike festival. I got interviewed about making bike movies on OPB once and I’ve lost the Golden Helmet Award more than any other filmmaker.*
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* I don’t know if this is true.


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