Bike Movies

I like riding bikes. I’ve got an old Shogun 12 speed with raised, swept back handlebars, a single speed Motobecane, and a Vanmoof that I maintain a complicated relationship with. I’m a fan of upright bikes and slow rides. Here are the movies I’ve made that have been shown at the Filmed By Bike festival. I was once interviewed about making bike movies for OPB.

Flow Ride

Tandem Bikes Are Worse Than Ikea

Doored – Fractured Skull, Broken Hearts

(Doored was based on a craigslist ad I saw. Bike Portland has the story about that ad and this movie.)

Right Hook

Claire Rides a Bike


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[…] Proper Hook: is a revenge fantasy by Mike Vogel. This film was a bit excessive for┬ámy delicate mannered sensibilities, however I’m nonetheless a fan of Mike’s work. Notably his film Doored – Fractured Skull, Broken Hearts. […]