Bike Movies

I like riding bikes. I usually ride a Vanmoof that I maintain a complicated relationship with, but I’ve also got a single speed Motobecane and an Xtracycle. Here are the movies I’ve made that have been shown at the Filmed By Bike festival. I was once interviewed about making bike movies for OPB.

Tandem Bikes Are Worse Than Ikea

Doored – Fractured Skull, Broken Hearts

(Doored was based on a craigslist ad I saw. Bike Portland has the story about that ad and this movie.)

Right Hook

Claire Rides a Bike


Another terrible storyboard

I am filming another short for Filmed By Bike. It’s about someone who gets doored. It’s hard to storyboard in general, but I’m really terrible when I need to draw bikes and cars (and people). I can draw trees okay though.

This will be a movie you can see sometime in April.


Invincible – My 2012 Filmed By Bike Movie

My daughters always want to make a movie with me. Usually, the movies they explain in detail are feature length and run a budget of about $78,000,000 because they have active imaginations and uncompromising visions.

A few months ago, I was playing with the Action Movie FX app on my iPhone and thought it would make a fun Filmed By Bike movie with my daughters. I had an idea that would’ve involved both of them, but one actress backed out due to creative differences. So we made an End of the World themed movie in honor of 12/20/2012.

I was excited the movie made it into Filmed By Bike and was even one of the five movies nominated for a Golden Helment Award. I was nominated last year too for Right Hook. I have lost twice, which I think is the most anyone has ever lost that award. My goal is to be the Susan Lucci of the Golden Helment.

Here are some photos from the Opening Night Street Party…

LED Hula Hoopers

Hammercize! (If you don’t remember, I made a little video of Hammercize performing last year.)

This is Ayleen Crotty, who started Filmed By Bike 10 years ago!

This is the legendary speed raffle. I did not win this bag.

We went back on Saturday and watched it on the big screen!

Filmed By Bike 2012 – You Should Go!

It’s time for my favorite film festival in Portland–Filmed By Bike! I throw some kids on the back of a cargo bike every morning to take them to school, then I ride along the Springwater trail to work. But I don’t really belong to any part of Portland’s famous bike culture. I don’t go on organized rides, I’m not on any teams, I smile wistfully at Breakfast on the Bridge but never stop, I don’t even read any bike blogs. Not that I’m against those things, I’m just usually thinking about making a movie. So Filmed By Bike is the perfect festival for me: bike enthusiasts combined with film fans.

But some of you might be thinking, “I don’t know how to ride a bike, but I want to see movies you’ve made on a big screen and also drink beer in the street.” You are in luck! On Friday the 13th, you can attend the Opening Night Street Party. It’s a fun event and you should just go and see what it’s all about.

If you can’t make it Friday night, there are still plenty of chances to see a movie I’ve made while drinking beer in a theater. This year’s movie (Invincible, starring my daughter in her big screen debut!) plays on all three showings on Friday, Saturday at 5pm, and Sunday at 9pm. What? Not enough for you? Then show up on Wednesday at 7pm or 9pm and see two of my previous Filmed By Bike movies: Claire Rides a Bike and Right Hook.

Here’s the full list of all the movies being shown: Filmed By Bike Program

Did I mention the opening night screenings have an awesome raffle? And insanely fun street entertainment? And beer on tap? Also, movies?

Finally, here’s a little movie I made from the festival three years ago…

Filmed By Bike (Filmed by Mike) from Mike Vogel on Vimeo.