Bigfoot Bridge

There’s a contest to name the new bridge being built in Portland. This bridge is different than every other bridge in Portland because it’s the only span across the Willamette that doesn’t allow cars.

Here’s my pitch (which I submitted to Trimet) to call it Bigfoot Bridge:

Bigfoot is a famous long-time resident of Oregon. Feet will also play a big role on the new bridge. Feet will walk, pedal bikes, and tap to music listened through earbuds on public transportation. The bridge also spans two scientific areas (OHSU and OMSI) that should be connected by something mythical, because magic is just science we don’t understand yet. Naming the bridge Bigfoot is also weird, which is something Portland prides itself on being known for.

After I submitted it, I realized that the new bridge is just a big footbridge. Big Foot Bridge!!!


If you also think this name is awesome, please tweet this to @trimet to let them know!

Things I should have blogged this week

Here are some photos I posted to Twitpic the past week. I’m an idiot for not just posting them here in the first place.

Your piano bike will not fit on the train.


A sunset shot taken from the Marquam bridge.


Oktoberfest with Dave and Heather.


A little Portland skyline porn.



I also climbed up Larch Mountain and went on the rocky part you aren’t supposed to go on so I could bring you this panorama.

And of course, there’s usually a timelapse and this time it was fog lifting over the west hills…

Sellwood Bridge construction/demo begins?

They’re tearing down some buildings on the SE end of the Sellwood Bridge, right by the Springwater trail. I heard someone say it’s for “staging.”


I think this little WHATA Manufacturing mural doesn’t stand a chance though.


Tiny Portland: Tilt-Shift Timelapse of Downtown Portland

I’ve been wanting to do a tilt-shift video of Portland for a while. When I saw The Bridge City Interlude on Dave Knows, I got inspired to start looking for a tilt-shift app for my phone.

I went around taking some videos from parking garages, bridges, and out the windows of my work. I used the TiltShift Video app. The music is by my friend Trevor Bennett. Check out his music blog Weekly Reverie.

(My favorite shot is Director Park.)