Goodbye, Tallest Building in Portland

For the past four years, I’ve had the luxury of working 20+ stories up in the tallest building in Portland. Every bridge in Portland, from Sellwood to St. John’s was visible. There were days I could see Hood, St. Helens, and Rainer (a tiny corner of it). Sometimes I would set up my phone to record a timelapse during a meeting. Today was my last day in that office, so no more timelapses or photos.

Here are some more photos and more timelapse videos…

I got to see lots of rainbows…

Double Rainbow over KOIN

rainbow over portland

This double rainbow was taken on a dreary St. Patrick’s Day!
St Patricks Day Rainbow

Always fun watching the window washers show up…
Window Washers

I took these pictures this morning…
P1030540 P1030541 P1030542 P1030546 P1030550 P1030551P1030565 P1030566 P1030567 P1030568 P1030573

More timelapse videos!

This one has some stuff filmed in other places, but I’m adding it here anyway…

A Portlandia and Grimm lunch break

I love that I can go for a walk at lunch and watch two TV shows filming within two blocks of each other. All the trucks and lights mean a lot of Oregonians at work.

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen at City Hall on set of Portlandia
Some giant lights on cranes. Probably to make it look more sunshiney inside.
David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby filming Grimm

A short movie I made waiting at the airport

I was taking a quick flight from Portland to San Jose and when I got to the airport, I realized my flight was delayed and I had two hours to kill. I decided to try and shoot and edit a little movie on my phone and upload it before leaving (thanks free WiFi at PDX). I asked Twitter for suggestions, and Twitter never disappoints in situations like these…

I decided to work gum into the movie because I like chewing gum.

One thing I liked about making a movie this way is that you have to use your limitations to your advantage. Just like regular filmmaking. I balanced my phone on the railing of the people mover (the flat escalators) and used it for a dolly shot. There were empty gates where I was able to set my phone up and walk away from it. I had to balance my phone on my bag and wrap a strap around it for the clip where I unwrap my gum.

Another limitation was my phone’s battery. It was draining fast and I didn’t have a charger with me, knowing there was one where I was going. My fear was shooting too much, or editing too long, would cause the battery to die and the upload to fail. And part of this exercise was getting it all edited and uploaded before the plane took off.

I ended up getting the movie uploaded before my flight took off, but my phone was dead when I arrived. It worked hard enough for one night.

Hand drawn Bongo from Life Is Hell

Life Is Hell ended its long run that began for me around 1988. I had it pretty easy in high school but I was unhappy and didn’t understand why other people weren’t unhappy. Then my friend Kyle introduced me to Life Is Hell and I realized how hilarious that unhappiness was.

I loved the fact that Matt Groening was from Portland and my senior year our basketball team played Lincoln High and there was already a trophy case shrine to Groening, Life Is Hell, and a new TV show he created.

I don’t get sentimental or nostalgic, but I do have good memories reading those comics and I look forward to the day that I can dust off Childhood Is Hell and share it with my kids.