Passed Out on Saint Unicorn's Day

Was this possibly the best St. Unicorn’s Day ever? Yes. Would I say that no matter what? Yes.

But it was a pretty good day, including a rainbow over Portland this afternoon, which is basically like an escalator or slip-n-slide for unicorns.

If you don’t know the story of St. Unicorn’s Day, you could always start at Dave Knows Portland or the ZehnKatzen Times or this Facebook page.
And this is how it all ends….

Twitpic Highlights: Week of June 20th 2010

Sometimes the idea that I don’t actually own any of the content I put on third party sites like YouTube, Twitter, TwitPic, Facebook, etc, drives me crazy.  And since there’s a seriously lack of ways to send pictures from your phone to WordPress (COME ON! REALLY? NONE?) I’ve decided to occasionally post some TwitPic highlights on my blog.  And I won’t always explain it like I’m doing now. Oh, and I already posted a bunch from my trip to Oaks Park.

This was my most popular TwitPic ever. I think. Too lazy to research it. If you don't use Twitter, the -1 might not make sense.
It's was Audrey Walker's birthday, or @audreywalker to you, and I happened to be editing a scene she's in. So I kind of got to spend some time with her on her birthday.
On Thursday night, I asked Twitter if I should have a beer while editing and the consensus from @devlynpdx @colewagoner @CKCofer and @MyWetSpot was that I should. So I did.
More editing on Friday night for a scene that was a lot of fun to shoot and even more fun to edit. @lindsaeklein is a really good actor. So is Bryce, but he's not on Twitter.
They opened a Bishops aka @bishopsbs in my neighborhood so naturally I wanted to be the very first person to get a haircut there. Throw in the fact that they also sent me a postcard for a free haircut, and I was there! I was first in the door, first to sign up, not the first in a chair (someone else had similar plans) and first to have a completed haircut. Also, I'm a total dork. Please notice that they have a unicorn skull painting.

The Life Portlandic

Doug Zanger interviewed me on The Life Portlandic, one of the shows I listen to on (not to mention  We talked about writing, filmmaking, unicorns, children’s mutant germs… but also about a book I self-published five years ago called Isn’t That Bigamy?

Since I’m always trying to move forward with a new creative project, I tend to quickly forget things I’ve done in the past.  Isn’t That Bigamy? is a fun crime novel in the vein of Elmore Leonard and I wanted to be able to share it with new friends who have never heard of it.  So, for all you listeners of The Life Portlandic, I’m giving you a free e-book download of Isn’t That Bigamy?  This is the same version I sent to Amazon for the Kindle and it will be available for one week.

Here are your options: Free e-book version (PDF)Buy the Kindle versionBuy the book version made of paper

Some of the other sites and people I talked about in the interview are:

Dave Knows Portland |  ZehnKatzen Times (photos of the unicorn mounted patrol)  |  Audrey Walker | The Portland is Built on an Ancient Unicorn Burial Ground Facebook fan page

Part 1 of my interview on The Life Portlandic

Part 2 of my interview on The Life Portlandic

St. Unicorn's Day

While sipping my small-batch roasted coffee as I biked to work, I started wondering which quirky indie band to listen to later tonight when drinking my craft-brewed porter.  (If previous sentence does not make sense, click here.)  March 17th.  Beer.  That’s right, it’s St. Unicorn’s Day!

While most of America, including countries like Ireland and Boston, celebrate the religious holiday St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be joining Portlanders as we celebrate the original holiday, St. Unicorn’s Day.  Like many religious holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is actually based on a pagan holiday known as St. Unicorn’s Day.

One of Portland’s dark secrets is that the city was built on an ancient unicorn burial ground.  There is plenty of evidence to support this, including archeological bones and horns in dirt type of evidence.

But today isn’t a day to haggle over the existence of unicorns, sabertooth tigers, or polar bears.  Today is a day to remember the forgotten heroes who grazed in our lush, green forests.  Who used their glowing horns to guide the way for Lewis and Clark.  Who impaled overzealous fur trappers trying to take more than their fair share of beaver pelts.

There are those who believe Oregon rain is really the tears of unicorns.  On St. Unicorn’s Day, we drink to remember, instead of our usual reason, drinking to forget.

What are you doing to celebrate St. Unicorn’s Day?