Downtown Portland 9/2/2010 [video]

I ventured out on my lunch break to do some tests with my new Digital Harinezumi 2.  I really like the old school feel to the video.  I stripped the audio out because it was a windy day.  I’m still exploring ways to hold and move the camera that make the footage feel more aged and nostalgic.

Christmas Tree by Bike

Christmas tree by bike

Even before seeing the Trees By Bike website, I sort of knew I wanted to use my Xtracycle (aka, SE Portland Minivan) to bring home our Christmas tree this year.  I took the little video below.  It was an easy ride and I pretty much forgot the tree was there while we were riding.  For the record, the tree is just a “shade” over six feet tall.  I didn’t use any bungee cords: the straps on my Xtracycle bag were enough to reach over.  And I only needed two out of the three straps.  Easier than getting it in the trunk of a car… and none of pine needle vacuuming to worry about.  Most of all, it was fun.

Flood Wood in Portland [video]

I noticed a bunch of wood bunched up near the Hawthorne Bridge and decided to get a closer look. Lots of plastic Gatorade bottles, which I tried to record but my battery ran out. Some of the shots look like I’m standing on the wood, but I’m not.

Snowpacalypse Now! [video]

It’s snowing!  In Portland!  The news stations have been having uninterrupted snowgasms for days.  I made this video outside my parent’s house with my sister, who is visiting from Chicago for the holidays.

I hate it every time they go to a bundled up reporter at the Triple Flying J Truckstop in Troutdale.  What annoys you about local snow coverage?

But seriously, if you don’t have chains, stay off the roads.