The Waiting List

The Waiting List

WINNER – Best Narrative Feature – Eugene Film Festival 2009
WINNER – Audience Award Winner – Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2009
Official Selection – Phoenix Film Festival 2009
Official Selection – Ellensburg Film Festival 2009

My first feature length movie, The Waiting List, is a foul-mouthed, sex-obsessed, back-stabbing comedy about preschool enrollment. It’s about parents who spend the night in a classroom to save their kids a spot in a prestigious preschool.

I’ve also made an interactive screenplay. Download this Script-to-Screen PDF where each scene header will link to that section of the movie, for a script-to-screen experience. Or check out behind the scenes photos and festival pictures.


Here’s the marquee when we premiered at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. I also wrote about the screening on Ted Hope’s Hope for Film blog.


Did You Kiss Anyone?

Did You Kiss Anyone?

Official Selection – Salem Film Festival 2011
Official Selection – Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2012

My second feature film is called Did You Kiss Anyone?  It’s a comedy about a married couple who give each other a one night pass and things go inevitably wrong. It played to a packed theater at the Bagdad in Portland, Oregon as well as a couple of festivals.

Reviews from the Oregonian and Portland Mercury.

Here’s the marquee from when we premiered at the Bagdad Theatre in Portland, Oregon!

Photo: Kimberly Palmer



What does it mean to be human in a world of cloning, memory implants, and artificial intelligence?

In the near future, outlawed genetic engineering is being secretly enhanced with experimental nanotechnology, making it nearly impossible to know who (or what) is real. Watch episodes, read interactive stories, and communicate directly with characters like Zoe Trapp!

Watch the Zoe Trapp trailer and then chat with her

See how it all started with Phrenic Origin…

Or watch the Clone Assassin kill off some clones…

And here’s a promo for an iOS app that doesn’t exist anymore because it no longer felt relevant and was too difficult to update:

Find out everything at

Filmmaking League of Normal mashup

League of Normal

League of Normal is a fun little distraction designed to be sort of like The Avengers meets The Office. It’s about a superhero who loses his powers and has to start living a normal life. I’m using some cool software called Plotagon to make it. I just type the script and the characters act it out with some text-to-speech thrown in there. (Much easier than the way I did Blind Date: A Grand Theft Auto Love Story.)

Episode 1: Gary Screws Up

Episode 2: Kicked Out of the League

Episode 3: Gary clashes with the supervillain Todd. The outcome will change Gary’s destiny forever…